Java Platform Module System EG Introductions

Tim Ellison Tim_Ellison at
Wed Feb 11 12:53:52 UTC 2015

Hi.  I'm Tim Ellison -- currently at IBM and based at Hursley in the UK.

I look after a number of runtimes for IBM, most recently getting our Java 
8 out to all (yay).  In the past I've worked on Smalltalk, some VM 
designs, Eclipse core platform, Apache Harmony, and dabbled in many more. 
In the future I'll be implementing the spec we design, so I have a vested 
interest in keeping things both simple and effective<g>, and I'm 
interested in OSGi compatibility issues (see Project Penrose).

The nearest thing to an on-line bio is my LinkedIn profile 

IBM's Lotus Notes is notoriously bad for formatting external e-mails, so 
apologies if you receive html or ascii art-work from me.  When you or I 
get fed up I'll switch to a private ID and sensible client.


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> Subject: Java Platform Module System EG Introductions
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> I think we EG members are for the most part known to each other, at
> least by reputation, but for those following along at home it'd be
> helpful for us to introduce ourselves, providing links to online bios
> where possible.  (This will also verify that the EG list is set up
> correctly.)
> I'm Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle.
> My online bio is here: .
> - Mark

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