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mark.reinhold at wrote on 16/02/2015 01:25:07:
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> >> Non-interference — The Java compiler, virtual machine, and run-time
> >> system must ensure that modules that contain packages of the same
> >> name do not interfere with each other.
> > 
> > Can you explain "interfere"?  Is this referring to ambiguous class and 

> > linkage error type problems, or something else here?
> The former.  If two distinct modules contain packages of the same name
> then code in that package in one module must not be able to access
> package-private types or members in that package in the other module.
> If two distinct modules contain classes of the same name (i.e., with the
> same binary name) then one must not be able to stand in for the other.

Ok, so the module name partitions the package name space.

Consider the following change for the Exports fundamental definition:

  Exports — A module’s definition must be able to indicate which
  of its packages are exported for use by other modules, and which
  are not.  Multiple modules may export packages of the same name.


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