Proposal: #NonHierarchicalLayers

Jochen Theodorou blackdrag at
Tue Dec 13 17:38:52 UTC 2016

On 13.12.2016 00:23, mark.reinhold at wrote:
> The `add{Opens,Exports}ToAll` variants shouldn't be needed since you can
> just include unqualified `open` and `exports` directives in the module
> descriptor that you're going to build anyway.  That has the additional
> benefit of making the exports apparent to the JPMS resolver so that JPMS
> modules can resolve against your modules, whereas invoking these methods
> wouldn't do that.

what if I need to do those things after the module had been loaded? And 
not sure if you did mean the runtime case, but I do not want to produce 
a module descriptor class file at runtime.

> The `addPackage` method is problematic, in part since it's quite slow
> (at least in HotSpot, where we've optimized for the common case of the
> set of packages in a module never changing).  Can't you compute the set
> of packages in a module at the time you create the descriptor?

which means I cannot add a class to a module in a "new" package at runtime?

bye Jochen

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