Proposal: #ModuleAnnotations and #ModuleDeprecation

Stephane Epardaud stef at
Wed Jun 29 09:01:56 UTC 2016


This all sounds great, except:

On 28/06/16 23:19, Mark Reinhold wrote:
>    - Should it be possible to annotate the individual directives in a
>      module declaration?  This would allow you to deprecate individual
>      exports and requires-public directives, which could be useful in the
>      process of evolving an API: If you plan to remove a package, or
>      remove a public dependence upon some other module, then you could
>      deprecate the corresponding `exports` or `requires public` directive
>      (presumably with `forRemoval = true`) to warn your users that the
>      API is going to change.
> There are no cases in the JDK itself where we need this ability, at least
> not desperately.  Designing and implementing this would be a non-trivial
> exercise, and it is a separable feature that could be added later on if
> justified by experience.
In Ceylon we allow annotations on module imports, and we were planning 
on recording imported module versions in annotations for Jigsaw. I fear 
that disallowing annotations on module imports will lead to people 
sticking these annotations on the module, like this for example:

  @Version(name = "bar", version = "2.0"),
  @Version(name = "gee", version = "1.2")
module foo {
  import bar;
  import gee;

So, there's always a way to get around this limitation, but it's quite 
horrible and ad-hoc.

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