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Tue Jul 18 21:16:18 UTC 2017

2017/7/18 13:12:23 -0700, rfscholte at
> For several plugins we need to compare the Java version. That's not always  
> the Runtime used by Maven, but another (often older) installed JRE/JDK,  
> e.g. by calling javadoc -J-version or java -version and parsing its output.
> If would help us if we could implement our own parsing strategy and get a  
> Runtime.Version for comparison. All currently exposed segments won't help  
> here and as said I wonder where these are actually used apart from the  
> compareTo-method.
> Otherwise we're reinventing/reimplementing the comparison algorithm of  
> JEP223 too.

Sorry, but the `Runtime.Version` class was never intended to capture all
historical JDK version-numbering schemes, just the new scheme introduced
in Java SE 9.  If you want something more general then you'll have to
write it yourself.

- Mark

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