Supporting OSGi Bundles in the Java Module System

Stanley M. Ho Stanley.Ho at Sun.COM
Mon Apr 28 22:06:17 PDT 2008

Dear 277 observers,

The original message is too big for this observer list, so I forward the 
original message with first attachment only. If any of you are 
interested in getting the latest API javadoc, please send email to 
jsr-277-comments at

- Stanley


Dear 277 experts,

The first attachment is a draft spec for supporting OSGi bundles in the 
Java Module System. This is based on the past EG discussion in 
particular the proposals and inputs from Glyn, Richard, and Bryan. This 
is a work in progress and is expected to evolve based on further inputs 
from this EG.

The second attachment is the latest API javadoc for your reference.

We're currently updating the JSR 277 EDR2 specification and APIs to make 
the distinction between the framework/abstractions for the Java Module 
System more clear, and we expect they will be available for the EG to 
review in a few weeks after JavaOne. In the meantime, the draft is 
intended to provide enough information for the EG to review and provide 
inputs without the EDR2.

Numerous EG members are preparing to attend and/or speak at JavaOne next 
week, so some of them may well not respond until afterwards.

Finally, thanks to Bryan and his blog that serves really well to set up 
the context for this discussion.

- Stanley and Alex
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