hg: code-tools/jtharness: 7902304: Fix 'throws' clause with subclassing exceptions

dmitry.bessonov at oracle.com dmitry.bessonov at oracle.com
Wed Sep 5 16:49:17 UTC 2018

As I can see that the only case when FileNotFoundException could be 
thrown is creating a FileInputStream from "workdir/jtData" file and the 
following happens:
" - if the file does not exist, is a directory rather than a regular 
file, or for some other reason cannot be opened for reading"
but later in the lines which were removed the original exception is 
dropped and instead an unclear and very generic message is provided:

wd.noTestSuiteFile=Cannot determine the test suite for the work 
directory {0}.

While after the changes below:
1. exception instance is passed to the BadDirectoryFault wrapper
2. the message is
"wd.badTestSuiteFile=Problem reading test suite data for work directory 

which generally looks like an improvement.

I can revert to the legacy state... at least providing 
FileNotFoundException instance to the wrapper to reduce the confusion.


On 05/09/2018 16:15, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> This one I disagree with. I would recommend reverting it.
> Yes, FileNotFoundException is a subtype of IOException, but it
> is reasonable to handle it differently, as shown in the lines you
> have deleted:
> - } // try
> - catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
> - throw new BadDirectoryFault(i18n, "wd.noTestSuiteFile", canonDir);
> } catch (IOException e) {
> throw new BadDirectoryFault(i18n, "wd.badTestSuiteFile", canonDir, e);
> } catch (TestSuite.Fault e) {
> Notice the error message is different.
> -- Jon
> On 9/5/18 5:51 AM, dmitry.bessonov at oracle.com wrote:
>> Changeset: 1aca482dba53
>> Author:    dbessono
>> Date:      2018-09-05 13:43 +0100
>> URL:http://hg.openjdk.java.net/code-tools/jtharness/rev/1aca482dba53
>> 7902304: Fix 'throws' clause with subclassing exceptions
>> ! src/com/sun/javatest/WorkDirectory.java

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