some questions for TestNG support in Jtreg

patrick zhang patrick.zhang at
Wed Aug 21 03:47:31 PDT 2013

Hi List,

I have some functional tests based on TestNG, the dir structure looks like:

For and, they are located in "a1.b1" or "a2.b2" 
package really.
But for, it is in default package. Here a3/b3 is only simple 
source directory.

As you know, we can use to declare source root like below:
//it can be referenced to Test1 and Test2. Fail to get Test3.
TestNG.dirs = .
//it can be referenced to Test3. Fail to get Test1 and Test2.
TestNG.dirs = a3/b3

My question is how I can reference to Test1, Test2 and Test3 at same 
time? It looks "TestNG.dirs = .;a3/b3" or "TestNG.dirs = . a3/b3" does 
not work.

For some reason I want to keep all structure hierarchy. And I do not 
want to move into a3.b3 package. Could it be resolved through directly?

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