Does -javacoptions do what it says on the tin?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Jan 7 05:36:29 PST 2013

I have a build of jdk8/profiles, both images and profiles build targets.

I'd like to run the jdk tests on compact1 image so I'm running jtreg 
with -jdk set to a compact1 image, -compilejdk set to the JDK image, and 
-javacoptions:"-profile compact1" so that I should get compilation 
failures on any tests that have static dependencies beyond compact1.

 From what I can see then this mostly works but there are cases where 
the javac options don't appear to be used. I'm seeing 
ClassNotFoundException at runtime where I would not have expected the 
test to compile. I think, but not 100% sure, that it's tests that have 
@compile tag. For example, we have tests that have "-source 1.4" in the 
@compile tag and I would expect those tests not to compile. So I guess 
my question for now is whether -javacoptions is intended to supplement 
the options specified to @compile or not?


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