jtreg adds some postfixes into test names

Vitaly Provodin vitaly.provodin at jetbrains.com
Wed May 31 03:06:46 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Running JDK regression tests via jtreg I detected that names of some tests can be changed during test execution. Namely, some postfix is added at the end of test name like follows:
#Mon May 29 18:56:12 MSK 2017
author=anton.tarasov\: area\=awt.focus
run=USER_SPECIFIED build Util\nUSER_SPECIFIED main AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest\n
title=Tests the Window.autoRequestFocus property for the Window.setVisible() method.


elapsed=7463 0\:00\:07.463
end=Mon May 29 18\:56\:12 MSK 2017

And jtreg output:
runner starting test: java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java#id0
runner finished test: java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java#id0
Failed. Execution failed: `main' threw exception: TestFailedException: Test failed: the window shouldn't gain focus but it did!

As you can see the test java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java became java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java\#id0 ("\#id0” was added).
Please note the issue was observed intermittently.

The matter was that this test was included into my exclude list, nevertheless it was executed because of this postfix (most probably new test name does not correspond to the name included into exclude list).
I looked through documentation on jtreg but could not find any explanations for this behaviour.
My suspicious was concurrent execution of the tests but I could not find any symptoms confirming that.

My original intentions was to exclude some tests from test runs but I could not do it because of this issue. I tried to use regular expressions in test names adding them into exclude list but it did not help.

Here is command line used to start test runs:

$ jtreg -exclude:test/jbProblemsList.txt -ignore:quiet -v -a -xml -compilejdk:'%env.JDK_18_x64%' -testjdk:'%jtreg.testjdk%' -timeoutFactor:2 test/java/awt || echo 'Execution complete’

Could you please help me in resolving the following questions? why does jtreg add some postfixes? how can I exclude such tests from test runs?

Thanks in advance, 

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