jtreg adds some postfixes into test names

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com
Wed May 31 15:11:54 UTC 2017

Test names are never changed during test execution.

Postfixes, as you call them, are added when the test is read when you 
have multiple test descriptions (comments beginning @test) in the same 

They've always been added for the 2nd and subsequent test descriptions 
in a file; the recent change is to add them for the first test in a file 
when the file has multiple tests. This is for uniformity and to be able 
to disambiguate between specifying "all the tests in a file" vs. "the 
first test in a file."

Note that putting multiple test descriptions in a single file has never 
been formally supported, because of the potential ambiguity that was 
(finally) resolved by the recent change.

-- Jon

On 5/30/17 8:06 PM, Vitaly Provodin wrote:
> Hi all,
> Running JDK regression tests via jtreg I detected that names of some 
> tests can be changed during test execution. Namely, some postfix is 
> added at the end of test name like follows:
> ===================================8<-------------------------------------------------------------
> #Mon May 29 18:56:12 MSK 2017
> #-----testdescription-----
> $file=/opt/buildAgent/work/9d35cf148e807375/test/java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java
> $root=/opt/buildAgent/work/9d35cf148e807375/test
> author=anton.tarasov\: area\=awt.focus
> id=id0
> keywords=bug6187066
> library=../../regtesthelpers
> AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest\n
> source=AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java
> title=Tests the Window.autoRequestFocus property for the 
> Window.setVisible() method.
> #-----environment-----
> #-----testresult-----
> compileJDK=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_111.jdk/Contents/Home
> description=file\:/opt/buildAgent/work/9d35cf148e807375/test/java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java\#id0
> elapsed=7463 0\:00\:07.463
> end=Mon May 29 18\:56\:12 MSK 2017
> environment=regtest
> ===================================8<——————————————————————————————
> And jtreg output:
> runner starting test: 
> java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java#id0
> runner finished test: 
> java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java#id0
> Failed. Execution failed: `main' threw exception: TestFailedException: 
> Test failed: the window shouldn't gain focus but it did!
> As you can see the test 
> /java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java 
> /became 
> /java/awt/Focus/AutoRequestFocusTest/AutoRequestFocusSetVisibleTest.java\#id0/ ("/\#id0/” 
> was added).
> Please note the issue was observed intermittently.
> The matter was that this test was included into my exclude list, 
> nevertheless it was executed because of this postfix (most probably 
> new test name does not correspond to the name included into exclude list).
> I looked through documentation on jtreg but could not find any 
> explanations for this behaviour.
> My suspicious was concurrent execution of the tests but I could not 
> find any symptoms confirming that.
> My original intentions was to exclude some tests from test runs but I 
> could not do it because of this issue. I tried to use regular 
> expressions in test names adding them into exclude list but it did not 
> help.
> Here is command line used to start test runs:
> $ jtreg -exclude:test/jbProblemsList.txt -ignore:quiet -v -a -xml 
> -compilejdk:'%env.JDK_18_x64%' -testjdk:'%jtreg.testjdk%' 
> -timeoutFactor:2 test/java/awt || echo 'Execution complete’
> Could you please help me in resolving the following questions? why 
> does jtreg add some postfixes? how can I exclude such tests from test 
> runs?
> Thanks in advance,
> Vitaly

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