fail when "make run-test-tier1" and "make all"

Lin Zang lin.zang.z at
Sun Sep 30 06:04:28 UTC 2018

    I recently tried to runt make run-test-tier1 or make all on jdk10u and
jdk11 with latest jtreg. all fail with following error:

ERROR: Build failed for target 'run-test-tier1' in configuration
'linux-x86_64-normal-server-release' (exit code 2) 
Stopping sjavac server

=== Output from failing command(s) repeated here ===
* For target
error: no suitable method found for save(Map<CAP#1,CAP#2>);
    method is not applicable
      (argument mismatch; Map<CAP#1,CAP#2> cannot be converted to File)
    method<String,String>) is not applicable
      (argument mismatch; Map<CAP#1,CAP#2> cannot be converted to
  where CAP#1,CAP#2 are fresh type-variables:
    CAP#1 extends Object from capture of ?
    CAP#2 extends Object from capture of ?
Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.
   ... (rest of output omitted)

* All command lines available in
=== End of repeated output ===

=== Make failed targets repeated here ===
BuildFailureHandler.gmk:51: recipe for target
make/Main.gmk:516: recipe for target 'build-test-failure-handler' failed
=== End of repeated output ===

Hint: Try searching the build log for the name of the first failed target.
Hint: See doc/building.html#troubleshooting for assistance.

/media/Source/jdk11/make/Init.gmk:300: recipe for target 'main' failed
make[1]: *** [main] Error 2
/media/Source/jdk11/make/Init.gmk:186: recipe for target 'run-test-tier1'
make: *** [run-test-tier1] Error 2

Can anyone help to take a look at this issue? Thanks


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