Re[2]: jshell (tests?) leaking files in /tmp

Andrei Eremeev andrei.i.eremeev at
Tue Aug 2 20:03:07 UTC 2016

 According to source code of JShell, a new temp file is created in ExternalEditor when a code snippet is modified.
method setupWatch:
    this.dir = Files.createTempDirectory("jshelltemp");
    this.tmpfile = Files.createTempFile(dir, null, ".edit");

The created file is not removed.

I reproduced the problem with vim:
int h = 10;
/set editor vim
/edit h

A file is created in tmp if /edit is executed.

Best regards,
Andrei Eremeev

>Tuesday, August  2, 2016 8:43 PM +03:00 from Jonathan Gibbons <jonathan.gibbons at>:
>On 08/02/2016 10:37 AM, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>> A simple script to execute the jshell tests one at a time, and to 
>> check the /tmp directory after executing each test, shows that the 
>> culprit is
>> I'll file a bug.
>> -- Jon 

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