Method references in annotations?

Jason Schroeder shrode at
Sat Aug 6 10:42:58 PDT 2011

Are there available references to these four overlapping concerns?  I would
like to try and put them together.

I perceive that a cohesive story here may inform (or forestall) concerns for
function types by, at least, putting like things together and arguing from
that standpoint.

| This has been raised before, and the underlying problem is that
there are a number of different things that look superficially
similar, but that are fundamentally different:
| - This request: reflection method "literals" (analogous to class literals)
| - MethodHandle class file constants
| - MethodHandles in general (a superset of MethodHandle class file constants)
| - Method references
| Each of these has been designed/proposed with a different purpose in
mind, but ultimately, there's a lot of overlap.  Eventually it would
be nice to have a cohesive story about all of them…
| —Dan

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