Review request for initial lambda functions and utils

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Mon Aug 8 20:02:18 PDT 2011

Late last week I committed an initial version of the proposed standard basic lambda functions and some utils for those functions to the OpenJDK lambda repository. The implementation (especially the oh-so-tedious-javadoc and unit tests) is still very rough but we are interested in hearing feedback. For now focus your feedback on:

- approach 
    - Is there a different way to solve the problem?
- completeness 
    - What *must* be there that is missing?
- stylistic/usage issues 
    - Copying inputs vs to not copy inputs--see Predicates.contains() vs. Predicates.or(Predicate<T>... )
- surprising behaviour
    - self-inconsistency or surprising behaviour with respect to other Java APIs.
- usage problems
    - I can't use this to X

This API will see incremental progress in the next couple of weeks. Over time other useful bits such as extension methods for Collection, List, Set utilizing lambda functions will also appear.


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