Results : Standard Lambda Utils Survey #1

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Fri Aug 12 09:03:39 PDT 2011

As was expected the results of the survey question greatly favoured not copying the source collections.

With 104 responses the results were:

Multiple choices could be selected. Full text of options was :

Yes, copying the source collection "blocks" avoids errors.
Yes, copying the source collection "blocks" ensures that the lambda function has consistent results.
No, if I am worried about the source collection changing I will copy it myself before passing it to the util methods.
No, changing the lambda function behaviour by changing the source collection "blocks" is useful.
No, copying the source collection "blocks" costs too much.
No, unless the elements of the source collection "blocks" are also cloned then it's not worth bothering.
No, even with copying it's still possible that elements of the copied collection "each" might change in some way so even don't try.
Other (please specify)

The next committed rev of the lambda utils will eliminate defensive copying of the source lambdas.


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