Option in Java 8

Mario Fusco mario.fusco at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 08:16:14 PDT 2012

> There was a long thread on this recently on lambda-dev.  You should read
> the archives.
> The implementation is currently very much an approximation.  However, bear
> in mind that the goal for Option in Java may not be to create an Option
> monad.  So the experience of other languages may or may not be applicable.

Thank you Brian,

I gave a read to that thread, but I have to say it is still not completely
clear to me what's the final goal of that Optional class indeed.
The only other (ugly) thing I discovered is that it should allow something
like a Some(null) that sounds really wrong to me or at least makes me think
even more that I have not understood the purpose of that class.

If you will give a quick read to the article I linked in my former email,
it would be great if you will let me know what you think about it and
mostly how my interpretation of the Option monad is far from what you have
in mind.

Thanks again,

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