hg: lambda/lambda/jdk: Fixes ahead of langtools merge with jdk8-b61:

maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com
Thu Oct 25 16:27:44 PDT 2012

Changeset: 48a71b1bba2c
Author:    mcimadamore
Date:      2012-10-26 00:26 +0100
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/lambda/lambda/jdk/rev/48a71b1bba2c

Fixes ahead of langtools merge with jdk8-b61:
*) fix test-ng tests that fail due to removal of unbound constructor ref support
*) adjust code in beans so that semantics of throw statement with conditional is preserved

! src/share/classes/java/beans/EventHandler.java
! test-ng/tests/org/openjdk/tests/javac/MethodReferenceTestKinds.java
! test-ng/tests/org/openjdk/tests/javac/MethodReferenceTestNewInner.java

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