JEP 186: Collection Literals

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Jan 15 09:23:41 PST 2014

>> (1) Target-typing means you don't have to redundantly specify T:
>> T v = { e1, ..., en};
>> vs
>> T v = T.of(e1, ..., en);
>> (2) Using the T.of form requires allocating an array,
>> which is then thrown away.
>> I don't think (2) is a major justification. (1) may not
>> be enough to justify a new language feature by itself,
>> though one could argue it's a natural extension of the
>> existing syntax for arrays.
> I disagree for (1), if you take a look to java.util.EnumSet by example,
> you will see that there are multiple overloads of 'of' to avoid to allocate
> an array in the common cases.

The multiple overloads are a smell, and its not always trivial to reason 
about what the right set of overloads are.  This is just trading one 
problem (performance) for another (complexity and bloat.)

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