JEP 186: Collection Literals

Jonathan C. Ross Jonathan.Ross at
Thu Jan 16 13:54:59 PST 2014

>> Library-based solutions for maps are less good.
> But would be better if/when we have tuples/value types.

Now, there’s a feature that I definitely jump on a bandwagon for: tuples.  I would most certainly prioritise tuples over collection literals, precisely because it makes it so much easier to implement fluent collection libraries.  With type-safe, fixed-arity tuples as a language feature, it would be a relatively minor step to add syntactic sugar for (un-?) boxing tuples into collections (or any other object for that matter).  I don’t find Zhong Yu’s example of:

        Person person = ["Paul”];

that terrifying if there is a

        public Person(Tuple<String>)

constructor defined somewhere.  Or, heck,

        @Implicit public Person(String name);

works for me as well.  But is it really necessary if you can just write:

        Map<String, Integer> m = ImmutableMap.of((“First”,1), (“Second”, 2));

How to implement fixed-arity, type-safe tuples in a transparant fashion without something like C++11’s variadic templates or Scala’s Tuple1<T1>, Tuple2<T1,T2>… is a different matter.  Maybe invoke dynamic will save the day here too.

-- Jonathan Ross


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