MapStream -> MappingStream

Kasper Nielsen kasperni at
Sun Sep 16 09:50:00 PDT 2012


A couple of questions/comments

I find the name MapStream a bit inconsistent.
As we all know ju.Map cannot contain duplicate keys.
However a MapStream is allowed to contain duplicate keys.
Since it is just a stream of mappings with no restrictions on the keys.
In that sense it is the kind of stream you would expect to be created
from a Multimap.

Since it looks like there are no plans to add a Multimap. Maybe
instead of calling it MultimapStream wouldn't it make more sense to
call it MappingStream?

What is the difference between
Stream.cumulate() and Stream.reduce()
there both take binary operations and return T's in some way?

Are the flags on the Stream class part of the API, or part of the


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