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Dan Smith daniel.smith at
Fri May 3 15:31:10 PDT 2013

On May 1, 2013, at 3:15 PM, Brian Goetz <brian.goetz at> wrote:

> So far I'm seeing:
> - No one throwing themselves in front of the train for concat

That's crazy talk.  _Of course_ we need concat.  IMHO, one of the most important use cases for lazy lists is being able to paste things together on the front or back without iterating/making copies.

Is there a reasonable workaround if the libraries don't provide it?

It would be more natural if concat were a default method: Stream.andThen, Stream.after.

I also think primitive concat is pretty fundamental for primitive streams.

> - No one throwing themselves in front of the train for primitive zip
> - Widespread regret if we were to ditch reference zip

I'm much less adamant about this, but as a PL guy, I often find myself wanting to match up two lists (e.g., arguments with parameters).

Again, what's the workaround?  The current code in Streams does not look particularly easy to get right if I'm rolling my own.

Once possible concern that hasn't been mentioned: will this play well with a future BiStream version, or will it look out of place at that point?  (Presumably we'll be able to say ', y).combine(SomeClass::new)' someday.)

> Right, but the question is, how badly can we implement it and have it not be worse than nothing?  And, with the current performance characteristics (new object per element), are we below that threshold?

> Zip shows up all over the place in functional languages, but the efficacy of these idioms relies on tuples being cheap.  Also zip parallelizes basically not at all.

- What's great about the BiFunction style (vs. a Pair-generating style) is that you don't need any tuples at all.  Hence, I'm not seeing "new object per element" in the code.  Am I missing something?

- I wouldn't take away too many points if a feature that is primarily about expressiveness does not parallelize nicely.


I'm pretty sure you're not asking for new suggestions :-), but I wouldn't complain about a cross-product method to complement zip.


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