Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at oracle.com
Mon May 6 09:56:48 PDT 2013


Brian and I re-introduced a simpler form of Spliterator.OfPrimitive. 

  public interface OfPrimitive<T, T_CONS, T_SPL extends Spliterator.OfPrimitive<T, T_CONS, T_SPL>> extends Spliterator<T>

This enables more sharing of primitive-based spliterator code, for example:


This should also reduce the bloat of primitive-based concat spliterator implementations, if we choose to add concatenation of primitive-based streams.

We could go further and provide limits for the types declared by OfPrimitive:

- T extends PrimitiveWrapper<T>, and require Integer extends PrimitiveWrapper<Integer>

- T_CONS extends PrimitiveConsumer<T>, and require IntConsumer extends PrimitiveConsumer<Integer>

But i am inclined to leave it as is.



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