Self-reference to field from lambda expression in initializer

Markus Keller markus_keller at
Tue Dec 3 02:11:55 PST 2013

JLS7 "Restrictions on the use of Fields during Initialization" 
says as point 4: "C is the innermost class or interface enclosing the 

This should be expanded to include lambda bodies, e.g.:
"C is the innermost class or interface enclosing the usage, or the usage 
occurs inside a lambda expression body that occurs in the initializer".

The informative text later in that section confirms this intention:
"The restrictions above are designed to catch, at compile time, circular 
or otherwise malformed initializations."

In case of lambda bodies, self-references don't cause malformed 
initializations, so this restriction is not necessary. It would make sense 
to handle self-references in lambda expressions the same as in anonymous 

Example that shows that javac only disallows unqualified access as per

public class C {
    // javac 1.8.0-ea-b115 says: error: self-reference in initializer
    Runnable i= () -> executeAndRepost(i);
    static Runnable s= () -> executeAndRepost(s);
    // OK:
    Runnable qi= () -> executeAndRepost(this.qi);
    static Runnable qs= () -> executeAndRepost(C.qs);
    Runnable a= new Runnable() {
        @Override public void run() {
    static void executeAndRepost(Runnable r) { }

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