super::someMethod where someMethod is protected

Yuval Shavit yuval.shavit at
Fri Dec 27 15:49:08 PST 2013

Apologies if this is a dupe. I searched, but my eyes have been known to
skip over things before...

Consider this silly example:

    public class Vehicle {
      protected String sayVroom(String in) {
        return "vroom: " + in;

    public class Car extends Vehicle {
      protected String sayVroom(String in) {
        return Stream.of(in).map(super::sayVroom).toString();

If both classes are in the same class, this works fine. But if they're not,
I get a compilation error in Car:

    sayVroom(java.lang.String) has protected access in

If I replace the method reference with an explicit lambda, it works fine:

    return Stream.of(in).map(s -> super.sayVroom(s)).toString();

This is on OS X, b120 (Dec 12).

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