Java 7 -> Java8 code breakage scenarios

Boaz Nahum boaznahum at
Wed Feb 27 13:11:16 PST 2013

Well, I am not expert. I just finished building 3M lines project with JDK 8
lambda,  and the only real issue (beside compiler bugs ) is the dependcy
requirements between compilation units.
Suppose that A extends B extends C and each in seperated compilation unit
(lets say a jar), while in 7 at most cases you dont need A to compile C, in
8 I found that almost I always need it.
So it doesn't break the code, but it require a change of our build system.

On Feb 27, 2013 7:44 PM, "Srikanth S Adayapalam" <
srikanth_sankaran at> wrote:

> Is there a list of scenarios documented somewhere that enumerates the
> situations under which a valid Java 7 program will either (a) cease to
> be a valid Java 8 program (b) or will exhibit a different behavior ?
> Looks like default methods clash can cause (a) and the (unlikely) usage
> of diamond inference usage in method arguments can cause (b).
> I would be curious to see what other cases exist.
> TIA,
> Srikanth.

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