lambda-spec-comments post from zhong.j.yu at requires approval

Markus Keller markus_keller at
Wed Nov 20 09:32:07 PST 2013

Brian Goetz wrote on 2013-11-20 17:12:18:
> Corrections on both counts:
>   - Your message was received the first time and posted to the comments 
> list; you can check the archive to see.

Thanks for confirming. I did check a few times 
before following up, but I didn't see any messages for November. I now see 
them as well.

I knew I had to check carefully, since it's quite confusing that 
lambda-spec-comments doesn't auto-forward to lambda-spec-observers, but 
type-annotations-spec-comments does forward to 

> we don't respond in real-time

Sure. Sorry for appearing impatient. I really didn't have any indication 
that my message arrived.


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