git: openjdk/lanai: 4 new changesets

duke duke at
Thu Jul 2 17:04:33 UTC 2020

Changeset: c3ec97d4
Author:    Prasanta Sadhukhan <psadhukhan at>
Date:      2020-07-02 09:27:58 +0000

8248187: javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicGraphicsUtils/8132119/ fails with String is not properly drawn

Reviewed-by: serb, pbansal

! test/jdk/javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicGraphicsUtils/8132119/

Changeset: 911c553c
Author:    Prasanta Sadhukhan <psadhukhan at>
Date:      2020-07-02 09:29:42 +0000

8245921: Minor copy/paste issue in BasicScrollBarUI

Reviewed-by: serb

! src/java.desktop/share/classes/javax/swing/plaf/basic/

Changeset: 5fbac4a3
Author:    Vyom Tiwari <vyommani at>
Committer: Prasanta Sadhukhan <psadhukhan at>
Date:      2020-07-02 09:31:42 +0000

8244324: RTFEditorKit does not display some of Japanese characters correctly

Reviewed-by: serb, psadhukhan

! src/java.desktop/share/classes/javax/swing/text/rtf/

Changeset: 314f2fd5
Author:    duke <duke at>
Date:      2020-07-02 17:03:54 +0000

Automatic merge of client:master into master

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