mercurial -> git transition is happening on 3rd March

Phil Race philip.race at
Tue Mar 3 19:21:09 UTC 2020

The transition is now complete.

You should no longer use the mercurial repo and instead
immediately start using the github repo [1].

I will update the project page wiki to reference it.



On 3/2/20 2:21 PM, Philip Race wrote:
> As announced here [1] we are migrating this project to Project Skara / 
> github
> Please treat the current mercurial repository as CLOSED as of  6am 
> March 3rd UTC/GMT
> (about 11 hours from the time of this email).
> Do not push anything to the git repository even when it opens until I 
> send an OK,
> probably about 18 hours after the mercurial repo closes.
> -phil.
> [1] 

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