Text is terrible on an external monitor and not great on retina either plus two other issues

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Mon May 4 17:56:56 UTC 2020

Issue #1
I don't know when this happened, but I think something has badly 
regressed text rendering.

If I compare side by side with OpenGL it is truly awful on an external 
It hurts my eyes to look at it.
And I can see the same ragged text on retina without much effort.
it is noticeable right out of the box with Aqua.

Whereas OpenGL looks fine in all cases.

This is on 10.13.6 and yet it is reminiscent of the bug on 10.14 where 
AA glyphs
sometimes got rendered via the non-AA loops.

Can someone please regress this  to see what change caused it ?

Issue #2
Also (different issue) disabled radio buttons - see the L&F Menu - are 
barely rendered
with Motif L&F. I don't remember that either.

Issue #3
Click on the tool bar icons for Aqua and you'll see that it repaints the 
one in the wrong place and so we have a nasty artifact

We seem to be going a bit backwards here at a time when we need to be making
sure there are no regressions.


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