Root cause of multiple UI issues

Alexey Ushakov alexey.ushakov at
Thu May 7 10:36:48 UTC 2020

Hi Ajit,

Thanks for your findings. We’ll check them asap. 

BTW, Artem just fixed (JDK-8243545: don't use clip rect in texture-mode (in IsoBlit)). Probably it’ll resolves some of the issues below.  

Best Regards,

> 7 мая 2020 г., в 12:54, Ajit Ghaisas <ajit.ghaisas at> написал(а):
> Hi,
>    While debugging code for - 8243476 : Image is being rendered with some offset - I fount that the call to method clipDestCoords() in MTLBlitLoops.m is either not necessary in some cases or incorrect.
>    Commenting it out has resulted in lot of UI issues being fixed. It fixes all below issues -
>    JDK-8243476 : Image is being rendered with some offset
>    JDK-8243546 : Nimbus L&F - SwingSet2 - Slider Demo - vertical slider is not rendered properly
>    JDK-8243545 : Nimbus L&F - SwingSet2 - Highlighted/Focused button has UI artifact
>    JDK-8243542 : Nimbus L&F - SwingSet2 - Internal Frames Demo - Frame dragging result in some artifacts. Recovers on window refresh
>    JDK-8242952 : Initial images are not proper in JSplitPane Demo
>    JDK-8242958 : Initially icons are not rendered properly in OptionPane demo with MetalLookAndFeel
>    JDK-8242917 : Flipping of images doesn't work properly
>    JDK-8242795 : Demo icons appears twice in SwingSet2 demo
>    JDK-8238087 : In SwingSet2 demo test bottle image is not fully rendered in the message dialog of OptionPane demo
>    JDK-8238088 : [macos] There is some unnecessary rendering on the SliderPane of MajorTicks and MinorTicks
>    Commenting out this call is not the full proof solution as there are one or two side effects especially with -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=1.0.
>    We need to tweak this method or it’s usage to fix all above issues.
>    I request either Alexey or Artem to take a look at this image rendering clip logic.
>    I have a draft PR if you quickly want to try out:
> Regards,
> Ajit

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