Copy-Paste typos in comments and javadoc

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Mon May 18 16:29:35 UTC 2020

Just noticed this while poking around.  There are a few reference to “OGL” and OpenGL…

 * OGL-specific implementation of RenderQueue.  This class provides a
 * single (daemon) thread that is responsible for periodically flushing
 * the queue, thus ensuring that only one thread communicates with the native
 * OpenGL libraries for the entire process.
public class MTLRenderQueue extends RenderQueue {


     * Flushes the single MTLRenderQueue instance synchronously.  If an
     * MTLRenderQueue has not yet been instantiated, this method is a no-op.
     * This method is useful in the case of Toolkit.sync(), in which we want
     * to flush the OGL pipeline, but only if the OGL pipeline is currently
     * enabled.  Since this class has few external dependencies, callers need
     * not be concerned that calling this method will trigger initialization
     * of the OGL pipeline and related classes.
    public static void sync() {


     * Returns true if the current thread is the OGL QueueFlusher thread.
    public static boolean isQueueFlusherThread() {
        return (Thread.currentThread() == getInstance().flusher.thread);

Should be *MTL* QueueFlusher thread, right?



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