RFR: 8258754: Gracefully fallback to the OpenGL rendering pipeline if Metal rendering pipeline initialization fails [v6]

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Mon Jan 18 20:39:42 UTC 2021


On 1/11/21 2:11 AM, Alexey Ushakov wrote:
> So, we can get rid of (CGraphicsDevice.usingMetalPipeline()) ? … : … checks
> Best Regards,
> Alexey

I think this exactly what I raised on Jan 8th :-

On 1/8/21 11:44 AM, Phil Race wrote:
> 52: Object context)
>> 53:     {
>> 54:         return CGraphicsDevice.useMetalPipeline() ? new MTLVolatileSurfaceManager(vImg, context) :
> similar to my other naming comments this is more "using" than "use"  - or enabled again.
> I'd like consistent naming where it makes sense.
> But also this looks like another case where I'd prefer to see us have a pattern that retrieves  the installed pipeline.
> So this entire method body is something like
> getInstalledPipeline().createVolatileSurfaceManager(vImg, context);

Our conclusion was to address it in another bug/PR.


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