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Hamlin Li at
Wed Aug 8 06:48:01 UTC 2018

Hi Alan,

Thank you for the great work.
Although it's still an early prototype, I think it's better to give my 
suggestion early, if it's already on your list please ignore this email. :-)
My point is: API should support interrupt a fiber directly.

First, a Fiber can be park/unpark/await, but only Thread can be 
interrupted(ShadowThread is still a thread). If a fiber is blocking at 
Object.wait, Thread.sleep, Thread.join or I/O operation, then only 
Thread.interrupt can unblock it, unpark will not. That means if I want 
to stop an blocking I/O operation, I need to interrupt the underlying 
Thread rather than interrupt the fiber directly(normally I have direct 
reference to fiber when I execute a fiber).

Second, as I know in different runs(first run, subsequent 
continuations), a fiber could run on different carrier threads, and 
based on above first point, I'm even confused which thread I'm 
interrupting when I do Thread.interrupt, will it impact other tasks or 
fibers running in the thread? For this part, although based on my test 
and reading source code I know it will not, I'm just saying that it 
confuses me for a while, it's not that straight.

So, from my point of view, it might be more clear to let user be able to 
directly interrupt a Fiber rather than do it through Thread.

Thank you

On 2018/8/4 11:15 AM, Ron Pressler wrote:
> Hi.
> Loom now has a wiki-page that contains the current status of the project, links
> to resources like talks and relevant documents, and design/implementation
> considerations:
> We intend to update the wiki from time to time so that it is kept up to date and
> can serve as a useful communication channel for this project.
> Ron

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