I want to use early access

Remi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Thu Mar 15 19:56:28 UTC 2018

Hi Alireza,
and practically, most of my students that use Windows and needs to recompile the JDK (for an assignment :) ) does that in a VM running Linux,
it's simpler than trying to find the right set-up on Windows.


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> On 15/03/2018 14:23, Alireza Mohamadi wrote:
>> Hi. I wanted to compile openjdk on windows just to use Project Loom's
>> Fibers but failed because there were spaces in VC++ compiler path... What
>> should I do now? Are there any unofficial nightly builds of openjdk so I
>> can use? Just don't want to start messing with callback hell and ... at
>> right the beginning of my project.
> There aren't patches or EA builds to try yet. If you are running into
> build issues then the build-dev is a good place to discuss, you might
> want to look through the archives first to see if the issue of spaces in
> the compiler path have been discussed already.
> -Alan

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