Early Access Loom Builds

Remi Forax forax at univ-mlv.fr
Mon Jul 29 03:44:21 UTC 2019

Champagne !

That's a nice milestone to reach.


On July 29, 2019 2:31:46 AM UTC, Ron Pressler <ron.pressler at oracle.com> wrote:
>Early Access OpenJDK binaries that include Project Loom are now
>available for
>download (the download page has a link to the Javadoc). [1]
>The release of Early Access builds does not indicate anything about the
>project's readiness or status other than us wanting to solicit feedback
>from a
>wider set of users. The best way to help is to download the Early
>binaries, try Loom out, and report about your experience. Both the API
>as well
>as the implementation are still far from stable, and are expected to
>change very
>We are mostly interested in feedback on the following:
> - Given current Loom limitations (such as held monitors pinning
>threads), how hard
>   is it to migrate existing code to work well with fibers? 
> - Structured concurrency: is it helpful? What can be improved? 
> - Which use cases are important to you, and are they well-served by
>Loom is ultimately a project that is intended to help with scalability
>performance, and both speed and footprint are primary concerns for the
>But while we are *very* interested in your performance/footprint
>and the kind of workloads you want Loom to help with,
>benchmarks are not helpful at this stage, as the implementation is far
>stable and experiences frequent changes with possibly drastic impact to
>speed/footprint. First we make it work; then we make it fast.
>Bug reports are welcome. If you encounter a bug, please report it to
>mailing list.
>Your feedback on the experience of using Loom will not only be
>appreciated, but
>will help us deliver Loom sooner.
>Thank you!
>[1] http://jdk.java.net/loom/

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