building loom

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed Dec 30 07:45:18 UTC 2020

On 29/12/2020 17:13, Peter Fraenkel wrote:
> Hi -
> The loom early access loom builds are “based on” jdk-16+25, but obviously not identical.  While I can build jdk-16+25 (and every other tag I’ve tried) from  github openjdk/jdk, the current HEAD of the fibers branch of openjdk/loom (711119b) has compilation errors.  Before investigating them too deeply, I want to make sure I’m actually building something that is expected to compile.  The openjdk/loom repo only has tags up to jdk-15+1.  Is there a way to find the commit corresponding to a particular early access build?
The release file in the top level directory of the run-time image has a 
SOURCE key with git HEAD. The latest EA build (from end Nov) was based 
on jdk-16+25 and has SOURCE=".:git:114a5108ebcb". The current repo is 
sync'ed with jdk-17+3. We haven't gone anything on tags since the 
transition from hg to git so that may be why the most recent tag is from 
before the transition.

I see your other mail about the hooks to start/stop Callgrind. These 
were used for profiling. There is clean-up needed across the code base 
and we'll see if this instrumentation remains or not.


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