Temporal coupling in Fibers and Fibers vs State Machines.

Rahul Khandelwal rahulnewai at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 18:37:28 UTC 2020

Hi All,

I have been following Project Loom for quite some time now and I find it
really exciting.
This is my first post in the mailing list.

I went through the following twitter discussion -
However I could not understand the final gist/conclusion of the discussion.

1. Here In the discussion Martin Thompson had the view that Fibers don't
compose and cannot escape temporal coupling.
He also advocated about the use of explicit state machines instead of

2. Vaughn Vernon had opinions around the Java memory model and the
complexity of the effects of predictive execution.

Could someone explain what were the concerns and suggestions they expressed
and how Fibers handle said concerns.

It would be great if someone could suggest some resources to better
understand above twitter discussion.


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