Current Status of OpenJDK 8 for mips64el

dalibor topic dalibor.topic at
Tue Aug 28 09:47:05 UTC 2018

Hi Ao,

as discussed at OCW, I need to first talk about the actual process with 
others first, in order to ensure that this complex contribution 
developed outside of OpenJDK can be accepted in the MIPS port project. 
Your case is particularly complex, since there are multiple parties 
involved in the development of the code.

Once the summer vacation season is over, I'll be able to come back to 
the you with a concrete proposal on how to organize the contribution.

Once a proposal is discussed and agreed upon, then, given that the port 
was developed outside of OpenJDK for 8 years, I expect that it will take 
some time to go through its commit history, and remove what can't be 

Then we can discuss transitioning project roles, etc.

dalibor topic

On 26.07.2018 18:01, Ao Qi wrote:
> Hi Dalibor,
> Ping?
> Could you suggest me what should I do for bringing the port into the
> MIPS Porting Project?
> Thanks,
> Ao Qi
> Ao Qi <aoqi at> 于2018年6月19日周二 下午4:28写道:
>>> Hi,
>>> I think that it's too late for a new a port come into JDK 8 Updates Project
>>> at this time, with less then a year to go under the current maintainers,
>>> considering how long it would take to bring the code into OpenJDK, run
>>> through the JEP process, code reviews, etc.
>>> It's probably too late for a fresh port to make it into JDK 11, as well,
>>> with less than a month to go until rampdown starts.
>> Thank you very much for your reply and suggestion. I understand that
>> it is too late for a new port to be into the main line of jdk8u and
>> jdk11.
>>> So my suggestion would be to start by bringing your port into the MIPS
>>> Porting Project, and then, once it's brought forward to JDK 11 and there is
>>> a build passing JCK for Java SE 11, to go through the JEP process for
>>> inclusion in a later version of the JDK.
>> I think your suggestion is very reasonable, helpful and acceptable. We
>> are willing to adopt your suggestion. However, I have one question
>> about your suggestion. Could you explain more about bringing our port
>> into the MIPS Porting Project? I'm not quite sure what it specifically
>> means. Is that we can put our code into OpenJDK repository (not the
>> main line) like aarh64 jdk8u[1] and the further development should
>> happened according to community requirements, such as [2][3]?
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]
>>> cheers,
>>> dalibor topic

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