Defining anonymous classes

Mark Roos mroos at
Thu Aug 14 20:15:24 UTC 2014

        Is there an end-user accessible way of defining anonymous classes 
        which I mean classes which are kept alive only by explicit 
references or 
        their instances, and not their class loader)?

        Searching for the term "anonymous classes" isn't particularly 
        due to the Java-level language construct of the same name.
Look into sun.Misc.Unsafe

 public native Class defineAnonymousClass(Class hostClass,
    byte[] data,
    Object[] cpPatches)
Define a class but do not make it known to the class loader or system 

For each CP entry, the corresponding CP patch must either be null or have
the a format that matches its tag:

        ◦      Integer, Long, Float, Double: the corresponding wrapper 
object type from java.lang
        ◦      Utf8: a string (must have suitable syntax if used as 
signature or name)
        ◦      Class: any java.lang.Class object
        ◦      String: any object (not just a java.lang.String)
        ◦      InterfaceMethodRef: (NYI) a method handle to invoke on 
that call site's arguments

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