How high are he memory costs of polymorphic inline caches?

Mark Roos mroos at
Thu Aug 21 02:16:42 UTC 2014

example about a simple Groovy program being able to run in about 40MB 
memory, but needing quite a bit more with indy. Since I can observe the 
memory drain with a small program already, and since I know that handles 
are not that reusable yet...

I see about the same, about 2X larger in jvm than native Smalltalk.  But 
are differences.  Rtalk is pure 64 bit including all integers,  all 
integers are
boxed ( native ST uses tagged pointers and is 31 bit) and all of the 
code never dropped vs the native ST had a limited code cache ( 1M).  If I 
the code then Hotspot does not do a good job jitting.  But then I now have
multi gigs of available memory vs 200 Megs usable before.

And it is about 2X faster without the multicore advantage. 

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