How high are he memory costs of polymorphic inline caches?

Mark Roos mroos at
Thu Aug 21 02:16:42 UTC 2014

>From Florin
I don't think this is really an issue for an already written massive
application such as yours. We have a similarly large Smalltalk application
that we successfully translated to Java (source-to-source, that's yet...

When we looked at it we decided that it would be easier to develop and 
a vm on the jvm for Smalltalk than to port and test our 500K+ line 
We have the full legacy issue as our customers expect no changes so we did
not have the ability to improve it.  Given that the jvm vm plus primitives 
at 3000 lines it was a good trade off.  Fortunately we had little UI and 
green thread

We also discovered that having lots of competing libraries was better than 
especially the open source ones. 

The final reason was to change our language for primitives from C to Java. 
do have a multiplatform support issue and not having to compile for each 
was worth the minor loss in speed.

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