The Great Startup Problem

Mark Roos mroos at
Fri Aug 22 21:05:57 UTC 2014

Hi Charles

Just out of curiosity and a desire to compare my times to yours,
how long is it from the time of launch until the ruby code can
execute?  Any how long in time until you see the peak performance?

I always run 64bit and mainly on a Mac so I have been using server
mode from the start.

For Rtalk I use two approaches to speed the launch up ( no idea how
to get to peak faster).  I precompile all of the Smalltalk code to an
intermediate byte code format that is quick to load and convert to jvm 
codes but carries the constants etc embedded.  The second is I am
doing a multi tenant like approach where I run the various apps in the
same jvm.   I use an agent model to help with the isolation.  Not perfect
but sorta Erlang like.  I am interested is a good model to create 
like isolates.

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