The Great Startup Problem

Julien Ponge julien at
Sun Aug 24 18:32:42 UTC 2014

Hi Per,

> (4) Invokedynamic was a noble experiment to alleviate (2), but so far it
> does not seem to have solved the problems.
> (5) It is reasonable to continue to seek improvements in invokedynamic,
> but in terms of resource prioritization other enhancement in the Java
> platform
> (value types, tagged values, reified generics, continuations, removing
> class size
> limitations, etc etc) are more valuable.
> (6) That of course does not preclude an "aha": If we made modest change
> xyz,
> that could be a big help.  I just don't think Oracle or the community
> should
> spend too much time on "fixing" invokedynamic.

I'm exactly on the opposite side: invokedynamic *has* to be improved :-)

What we have here goes well beyond the tiny world of language
implementers. A retargetable runtime binding and dispatch mechanism has
many other usages (hint: middleware, middleware, middleware).

- Julien

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