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Yes. Truffle aims to become a production-quality system. A successful research project should ultimately also advance the state of the art of what is used in production. We are well beyond the initial exploration phase for Truffle and focusing currently on stabilisation. There is a Truffle branch in the JRuby open source base on github (more info here or here There are open source projects using Truffle that currently develop a prototype for R (, one for Python (, and one for Smalltalk ( We are also working on JavaScript. This makes us confident that we can support a wide range of languages.

- thomas

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> Thomas,
> Thanks for this detailed analysis on the current status and proposed future work for invokedynamic. Can you also add some comments on what you believe the advantages and disadvantages of using Truffle instead of invokedynamic for implementing dynamic languages on top of the JVM are?
> Along those lines, could you tell us if Truffle aims to be a production-quality system?  I had thought - perhaps incorrectly - that it was a kind of research project, like (as I understood it) the Maxine VM was a few years ago. 
> Thanks!
> Patrick
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