The Great Startup Problem

Mark Roos mroos at
Fri Aug 29 17:28:09 UTC 2014

Thomas stated
        A successful research project should ultimately also advance the 
        of the art of what is used in production.

Thomas one of the reasons many of us are building on the JVM is to take 
advantage of the entire
universe of Java code available.  Truffle, to me at least, appears as a 
replacement for Java and the
JVM not an addition.  Nice if ones goal is to make a new Smalltalk,  not 
so nice if one wants a
Smalltalk DSL.

It would be interesting if Truffle could be used to create JNI like method 
handles on the fly.  Then
I could do what I do today.  Today I find hot spots, write them in C, call 
them with JNI.  The problem is that 
JNI calls are not like hotspot jit code calls ( threads, safe point 
issues, heap access etc).  I am hoping that
the Panama project makes a JNI call more like an intrinsic.  They I could 
use the LLVM jit to do the
C  part on the fly.  Or actually it seems like Truffle could do this as 
well.  So Truffle as an add on would
be interesting,  it just has not been presented as such.

I think your research is very interesting. 


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