The Great Startup Problem

Jochen Theodorou blackdrag at
Sat Aug 30 09:21:12 UTC 2014

Am 29.08.2014 21:19, schrieb Jochen Theodorou:
> Maybe the situation would
> already improve if I would make callID, safeNavigation, thisCall,
> spreadCall into one int

addendum to this... I actually already have those as single int. I tried 
moving all that information into the callsite object itself, but that 
seems not to make a difference. So if these long traces are related to 
the number of arguments, then those given to the callsite itself. And 
there I must have the sender, and my compressed int additionally to the 
normal arguments. Currently I also have a dummy receiver there, I guess 
I could change that and use the sender as dummy. Still... the lambda 
form situation is by far not satisfying

bye Jochen

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