The Great Startup Problem

Mark Roos mroos at
Sun Aug 31 00:10:17 UTC 2014

Comment on Jochen's long stack traces.

The difference must be in how our languages expect the call site to 
In my case I compile all of the target methods to match the callsite stack 
So the fast path adds no additional manipulations ( binds etc ) between 
the callsite
and the target.  I put all of the parameter binds and mods needed for the 
fallback into
the fallback path.  Here I bind the selector, callsite and other items 
needed to look up
the target.  I also have to add some mutations to the test method to 
extract the field
I use to select the target with.  This seems redundant to me as each GWT 
does it over.
As an aside I am also able to write most of my fallback in Java so I don't 
have that 
many lambdaForms there either.  One simplification I have used so far is 
that all of
my Smalltalk objects are a single Java class. Not sure if that is good or 
bad yet.

thanks for sharing

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