Truffle and mlvm

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The reasons for the various projects building language implementations on top of Truffle (Ruby, JavaScript, Python, R, Smalltalk) are very similar to the motivations behind other language projects on top of the JVM like Jython, JRuby, or your own project of implementing a Smalltalk for the JVM. One additional motivation is a strong focus on guest language interoperability [1] in addition to Java interoperability. We do not plan to invent any new languages. I believe PyPy is a successful project.

We fully understand the challenges behind completeness. We will put a main focus in this respect on TruffleRuby. The vast amount of work the JRuby team has already done in this respect helps there a lot.

It is accurate that Graal has an HSA and a PTX GPU backend - its relationship to Project Sumatra is however currently unclear to us. We will enable usage of these backends from Truffle languages in the future.

- thomas

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