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Thu Jan 7 18:58:40 UTC 2021

Changeset: d8ad6301
Author:    Roberto Castañeda Lozano <rcastanedalo at>
Committer: Vladimir Kozlov <kvn at>
Date:      2021-01-07 18:57:58 +0000

8258772: Some runtime/cds tests fail with +LogCompilation or +StressX

Emit warning about TraceDependencies results in
ClassHierarchyWalker::count_find_witness_calls() only if TraceDependencies is
actually enabled. Use standard warning() function instead of ad hoc printing.
Remove warning about using Stress(LCM|GCM|IGVN) without LogCompilation in
Compile::Compile(), and add the information to the description of the StressSeed
option instead. These changes prevent false test failures when using
LogCompilation or Stress(LCM|GCM|IGVN).

Reviewed-by: chagedorn, kvn, thartmann

! src/hotspot/share/code/dependencies.cpp
! src/hotspot/share/opto/c2_globals.hpp
! src/hotspot/share/opto/compile.cpp

Changeset: 56cc7f8d
Author:    duke <duke at>
Date:      2021-01-07 18:58:14 +0000

Automatic merge of jdk:master into master

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